The Tenth Pit of Hell

First adventure

Altheas log

After a somewhat comprehensive conversation at the cobblers and gathering up our troops, we headed out towards the ‘elite hills’ where we met up with my old companion Breeze. I’m not particularly impressed with their stealthiness, but I digress…

From then on, we followed the information of my contacts towards one of the lesser known harbors used by the noblemen and wealthy merchants. On our way, after meeting a funnylooking gate disguised as humongous strawberry bushes, we came upon some worgs.

While I managed to get Breeze and myself into hiding, Zarkof stumbled and quickly became the target of the canines attack. I managed to incapacitate one of them fairly quickly with a well placed ambush, and proceeded to run up a tree, keeping out of range of the beasts before finishing another one off with a well placed arrow. Luckily even my less dexterous and elegant accomplices managed to escape relatively unharmed.

When we got closer to the harbor, we decided to approach and search one of the boats, and I shared the nature of the package with the rest of our group, as to help them search the ship more efficiently. When we did not find it, I asked Breeze to smoothtalk with one of the guards who was sleeping at the time. His attempts were not successful however, and when I realized that the guard was going to kill Breeze, I seized my opportunity and ambushed him.

This did not go well, as this guard (despite his sleepyness and seeming incompetence) had the reflexes of an agitated cheetah, and managed to knock me out.

I awoke in a less than modest state, having my armor torn open from a scimitar slash, and having been taken to safety close to the harbor. I was administered a potion by Zarkof (which woke me up) and the battle had ended up somehow in out favor despite the less than favorable circumstances.

Torbell managed to get ahold of the coffee (our primary mission), and he even gave me a rather nice set of clothes after my armor was ruined from the immense blow dealt by the guard. I think I’m starting to take a liking to him, even if he is a bit scrawny..

… Anyhow, our presence was requested by a mysterious rogue who apparently had dabbled in magic, and could manipulate things (dexterously even) from afar. She opened a box which Sleeznax had uncovered, took out a black runestone with her magic, and let us have the rest (a ludicrously fancy pen, and a very gaudy logbook of sorts).

She then offered us a chance at apprenticeship and training at the ‘Reders’, which, after consulting the group, very happily accepted. While the coffee was originally planned as a present to the Don of the builders, I believe the Reders have more power and control, and also will have a better fit for our talents, perhaps mine especially, as I wish to perfect the arts of assassination for the greater good of the Cartel.

We were told to wait at the tavern for further instructions, and so we shall do. On my way back, I’ll see if I can pick up some herbs, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to fine tune my skills with alchemy for the sake of making future shennanigans a bit less conspicuous, not to mention keeping myself out of harms way.



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