Mysterious Druidic figure that scares even the Elves of Gallindán.


Ysolt looks alien. Much of her skin is bark-like, and while she still has beautiful and full hair, leaves and small twigs seem to grow directly from her head as well. Her pointy ears looks to be branches growing from her scalp, and her eyes are of a solid light blue colour that seems to shimmer like the water in a lake from time to time. Her looks to be grown directly from nature more than fashioned in any way. Her armour is Ironbark; her skirt is grass and twigs.

If Ysolt has ever really been an elf, she hardly looks it any-more. Of her Elven ancestry, only her hight really gives it away. When pressed, she claims that she “descends from the Elves of old”. Hardly anyone presses her, though.


Ysolt is an elvish figure of mythological renown. She is old. Ancient. Even the Elders of Alfheim and Gallindán remember hearing stories about her from their grandparents.

Little is known about who she is or where she comes from. Neither what she is doing or why she is doing it. She resides in a Druidic grove located on the Eastern edge of Killhorse Mountains.

Though she cares nought for “the vanities of the ephemeral races” – which includes the elves – she does still seem to harbour a hesitant respect for fellow druids, and will sometimes respond to their calls for aid. Most druids, however, know better than to call for her except in the most dire of needs.


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