Milo Dei

Milo is a very young and shy halfling that works at Gammet's Venerable Emporium.


Milo is small for his age, and acts very shy around strangers. He enjoys cookies and reading.

At the age of 12, Milo has already started showing signs of an unparalleled talent for the Arcanic arts. He understands that he is somewhat unique in his prodigy, but because it comes so naturally to him, he tends to casually and unwittingly perform otherwise difficult displays of magic that tend to freak people out. And this usually to do simple and ordinary activities or chores. Because of this, Milo has few friends of his own age.


Milo lost his mother at a very young age. Fortunately for Milo, he has a loving and caring father that dotes on him as much as he can manage. Unfortunately for him, his father is also extremely absent-minded and prone to often disappear for several days at a time on some wild goose-chase after magical secrets or arcanic experiments. This has made Milo extremely mature and self-dependent for the equivalent of a human eight-year-old.

Milo is currently working as his father’s assistant at Gammet’s Venerable Emporium of Magical Goods and Bads, but is acting as the de-facto shop-keeper because of his fathers distractions. Strangely enough, the shop hasn’t had any trouble with burglary even though Milo is often alone…

Milo Dei

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