Gammet Dei

Gammet is an enchanter, researcher and the owner of Gammet's Venerable Emporium.


Gammet is an average sized but thin Halfling Wizard. He is extremely extroverted and jovial, but also very easily distracted and, even when attentive, quite absent-minded. Because of this, he can also seem to be quite clumsy when doing other things than what he wants to do.

He is the loving father of Milo, who works as his best friend and assistant.


A talented scholar and researcher, he is shunned by the academic community of Ty’Sai because of his proclivity for unorthodox and frequently dangerous areas of research. Combined with his absent-minded personality, it is a recipe for disaster. “Where Gammet Dei goes, explosions ensues”, or so it is said about him, at least.

To fund his own research, Gammet started Gammet’s Venerable Emporium of Magical Goods and Bads, where he sells all kinds of unusual books, magical trinkets and artefacts. In addition, he takes on whatever order that might land him good funds, and he does lend out his services from time to time.

Gammet Dei

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