The Tenth Pit of Hell

First adventure
Altheas log

After a somewhat comprehensive conversation at the cobblers and gathering up our troops, we headed out towards the ‘elite hills’ where we met up with my old companion Breeze. I’m not particularly impressed with their stealthiness, but I digress…

From then on, we followed the information of my contacts towards one of the lesser known harbors used by the noblemen and wealthy merchants. On our way, after meeting a funnylooking gate disguised as humongous strawberry bushes, we came upon some worgs.

While I managed to get Breeze and myself into hiding, Zarkof stumbled and quickly became the target of the canines attack. I managed to incapacitate one of them fairly quickly with a well placed ambush, and proceeded to run up a tree, keeping out of range of the beasts before finishing another one off with a well placed arrow. Luckily even my less dexterous and elegant accomplices managed to escape relatively unharmed.

When we got closer to the harbor, we decided to approach and search one of the boats, and I shared the nature of the package with the rest of our group, as to help them search the ship more efficiently. When we did not find it, I asked Breeze to smoothtalk with one of the guards who was sleeping at the time. His attempts were not successful however, and when I realized that the guard was going to kill Breeze, I seized my opportunity and ambushed him.

This did not go well, as this guard (despite his sleepyness and seeming incompetence) had the reflexes of an agitated cheetah, and managed to knock me out.

I awoke in a less than modest state, having my armor torn open from a scimitar slash, and having been taken to safety close to the harbor. I was administered a potion by Zarkof (which woke me up) and the battle had ended up somehow in out favor despite the less than favorable circumstances.

Torbell managed to get ahold of the coffee (our primary mission), and he even gave me a rather nice set of clothes after my armor was ruined from the immense blow dealt by the guard. I think I’m starting to take a liking to him, even if he is a bit scrawny..

… Anyhow, our presence was requested by a mysterious rogue who apparently had dabbled in magic, and could manipulate things (dexterously even) from afar. She opened a box which Sleeznax had uncovered, took out a black runestone with her magic, and let us have the rest (a ludicrously fancy pen, and a very gaudy logbook of sorts).

She then offered us a chance at apprenticeship and training at the ‘Reders’, which, after consulting the group, very happily accepted. While the coffee was originally planned as a present to the Don of the builders, I believe the Reders have more power and control, and also will have a better fit for our talents, perhaps mine especially, as I wish to perfect the arts of assassination for the greater good of the Cartel.

We were told to wait at the tavern for further instructions, and so we shall do. On my way back, I’ll see if I can pick up some herbs, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to fine tune my skills with alchemy for the sake of making future shennanigans a bit less conspicuous, not to mention keeping myself out of harms way.

1st Campain - 09.03.2016
Perspectiv of John Silvers

After first appearing in an awful barn filled with corpses and a wretched stench, I got slammed against a wall by a half orc flying through the window. He held me up to the wall screaming if I’m friend or foe. After assuring him I ment them no harm, he let me go and walked out to the others. They wondered what had transpired in the barn, and the half orc told them I was friendly. They looked skeptical, the group of misfits looked skeptical. I would judge them for that if I didn’t just suddenly appear out of thin air. The discussion pursuing my arrival was filled with doubt of my intentions and my identity. I tried to assure them that I was peaceful, but they didn’t quite take my word for it. After that I am not quite sure what happened as a seemingly friendly banter, turned into a full on fight with the orc pushing over the half orc who just earlier interrogated me. Spells was cast about and the battle fueled up quickly. I ran to the woods in the distance, but ran out of breath and decided to hide in a bush when I heard the half orc yell out he’d hire me to join him, so well. I kinda had to turn back and help him. I tried to confuse them with some magic, but to no end. So when I saw my employer in trouble I had to take action. So I fueled up a fireball, the most powerful spell I knew in the heat of the moment, not thinking of the consequences. I didn’t quite predict one of them to charge at me with a spear or what that dwarf held, but it hurt damn lot I’ll tell you. Pierced me right through my stomach and almost got clean through.

After that I don’t remember what happened. Seems like some magic got loose, but when I got back I had to try to stop the fight. I had no way to know if they were friends or foe, but well. One offered me gold, so I consider him a friend. No special successes with my persuasion of the fight, so I had to just sit down after the dwarf got prepared for a move from me and left me with no way out.

After we finished the fighting, the human fighting my employer, the quiet halfling and the dwarf, retired to the barn and locked the door after them. Me and my employer went into the nearby house where there was some corpses lying about. The half orc touched some weird tentacle stuff growing on the beard growing. He passed out shortly after. I thought to myself if I couldn’t sleep, I might try the same thing.

The morning after we were wakened by roaring outside. The half orc threw himself out the window and climbed on the roof and yelled out something. Didn’t think much of it. Just seemed like the kinda thing he would do. But after hearing more insistent yelling and roaring I went out the door to see orcs standing there. I thought quickly and threw a fireball at them with good effect. The fighting went on without much trouble. We fought well together and finished the orcs off quickly. Some quick looting benefited me well as I found 20 gold on the orcs.

We went on towards the closest town of Jordby. The half orc quickly got himself arrested after fighting with the guards, and the dwarf went with the guards to keep an eye on the half orc. The human went to do some dealing with a gem dealer while I explored the city.

I walked around the market and spotted a bank with seemingly low security. I went in and saw about. I distracted the guards with some minor illusions making two of them running out. I was then left with one guard and a clerk. I managed to blind them both with some more magic, and made quick way down to the vault. The door was for some reason open and one scared to death employe halfling. I grabbed a bag of gems and ran back up. The guard heard me and tried to grab me. I managed to get away and grabbed some more gold by the clerk. I started running to the exit and changed my form to the halfling. The guards bought it and I got away in the crowd. After that I went to meet up with the others.

From Gallindàn to the forrest through a tree
2nd campain - 06.03.2016

Extract from Gunnhild Goodwill’s Diary

It torments my mind to remember the events that took place where I lost one of the companions I’ve come to consider as friends. Kerin is very short, even for a hafling and a bit strange. But he looked out for me for as long as we travelled together. His arrows had true aim, saving me several times when facing mortal danger. Orc pirates, spooky headspeaking seamonters (Which was very strong!) are among the threats we faced together.

After having walked into the forest, he seemed to be turned mad. His eyes turning red, and his behaviour changing dramatically. I do not think bears are involved, but he seemed to cling to a strange obsidian figure. I’m quite certain the forest and mirrors are tied to it. Also that this figure is somehow enchanting the mindlink that he has created to this statue. My companions shrugged this suggestion off, but I know better… I know the truth about mindlinks, and there are not many that do.

After he turned completely mad and killed some of the elves in Gallindàn, he cut a hole into the air with his dagger and escaped through the hole into nothingness. I don’t think he’s dead. Especially after what I’ve seen with the newcomber using telefassion magic. He’s out there, somewhere. I suspect the forest.

In a desperate attempt to stop him from getting away, I called for the only person I know who possess wast knowledge of the forest and all the secrets. The plants passed on the message, and I summoned the one Gorbat calls “Mother Nature”.

After Kerin escaped, we were caught up in a mess of dead and injured elves. And when the guards arrived, they blamed us without question as decided to attack before further questions. With the help of the new magical telefassion elf, we managed to hold them in place with magic. One of them attacked Renée, and I lost my temper. If it hadn’t been for Gorbat I would’ve killed him… But instead I paralysed him with magic and tied him up after we gave him a good beating. But the elven mages prevented any attempt from healing him by countering Ellaria’s magic. During the battle, Gorbat managed to fly away with one of the injured elves. Yes! He actually flew away! I later discovered he has feathers.

The battle ended abruptly as the old one, or “Mother Nature” as Gorbat called her, entered through a tree. We later learned that her name was Ysolt. She asked the earth to bind us all with entangling roots, but I of course broke free, because I’m very strong. But she asked the earth more politely and I was entangled and restrained. After having pleaded her for help getting back Kerin, she agreed to help if we passed some sort of test. She seemed to know a lot about the statue Kerin was carrying. She talked about something called “Pit Fiends”. Maybe they’re the origin of soul-link magic?

Now we’re off into the forest to kill undead with the help of a dwarf druid that Ysolt sent with us. Maybe Kerin lurks around in this forest with his mind twisted. We must find some way to save him and bring him back!

After setting camp in the forest, Gorbat went through the stuff Kerin left behind and found a golden dragon egg! I’ve never seen a dragon in my life, but he was very protective of the egg, so I didn’t try to take it away from him. Gorbat is also very strong.

We woke up in the middle of the night, and I was convinced we had been attacked by undead. But it turns out Ivorellia – the telefassion user, had started shooting fire-bolts at Gorbat in an attempt to hatch the dragon. This confused me, but she knows more about magic than I do… He was furious and ran off with the egg. The druid eventually managed to calm down the situation by turning her into a squirl. I think she enjoyed her time as a squirl.

Tomorrow we shall go into the forest and banish the undead from this beautiful nature. And hopefully we will earn the help of Ysolt, the only one who knows the true secrets of mirrors in the forest…

Andrek's Secret Log
1st Campain - 02.03.2016

Traveling log of Andrek Zerafias

Eldron is so secretive, the sribbeling of his notes… It annoys me! Little does he know I keep my own log for myself.

After last nights attack I’ve learned quite a bit. The demons as Eldron refered to them as, seem to be resistant to fire magic. My firebolt didn’t seem to have much effect. Even a fucking fireball didn’t seem to have the desired effect! Well, my true talent with destructive sorcery is within the art of lightning. Jumping through the air and slamming their heads in with point blanc lightning orbs seems to do the trick against these foul beasts, but even their deathspasms hurt.

I’ve formed a curious empathy for the orc I’ve brainwashed. Gunnar has been so usefull. He sets up camp, goes hunting and has gotten a knack for proper meat cooking! It tastes magnificent. Among our group I actually think I trust him the most. That poor idiot has saved me several times now… Not hesitating to throw his life in line to save mine. I actually found myself doing the same thing for him today. Jumping down a tall tree and into the fray to save a brainwashed orc. Maybe I’m turning out to be the idiot.

We started to travel west today heading towards Jordby. We’ve collected quite the bounty. I’ve got several gems myself. And I can’t wait to turn them into golden coins with the goblin merchant. He didn’t seem to have any fiscal problems…

On our way we spotted several burned farmsteads. One though, caught my eye. One with smoke rising from the chimneys. We decided to check it out, but only found more red orcs and demons. I, with the slight assistance of my companions of course, disposed of them quickly. I learned a great deal from Eldon after enchanting him with my suggestion spell. He seems to know a lot about these demons. Things he has not shared willingly. This intrigues me. I want to learn more about what these creatures are, and why they’re suddenly starting to appear. There is foul magic at work here, and I will see it banished. My name carved into history, and coin infused in my pouch.

True Tales of the Transcendent Thall'Uin
Excerpts from the diary of Thall'Uin

Day 1:

I’ve arrived at The Dancing Lobster in Steintrall, after a long and weary travel from the West.
The air is damp and contaminated with dwarvenly odors and the stench of ale.
My letter said there were supposed to be four of us on this assignment, including myself.
It specified that I was supposed to meet up with a sturdy dwarf, an elf magician and a human.
Picking them out from the crowd took me about a fraction of a second.

The human was already engaged in a brawling bet against one of the locals.
Running up and jumping off of the walls, you’d have to be blind, deaf or dead
not to notice him. They called him Copper, and even named one of the drinks after him as a gesture of pure awe,
and rightly so, as he put up a surprisingly good show.
The Copper Special they called it. I never tasted it, with concern for my well-being,
but I could swear it was just watered-out ale. The cheapest kind.

The elf, a shady looking fella, stood by and watched the fight, but I could swear I saw him, in the corner of my eye,
flick his hand as a pool of mud appeared on the fighting grounds.
We haven’t even introduced ourselves, or gotten our first assignment,
and we’re already being a hindrance to each other, myself excluded of course.

And the dwarf, who was huddled towards the wall, fashioning not only one, but two huge tower shields
almost as big as himself, kept mostly to himself. He seemed very out-of-place amongst his dwarven kin.

We were eventually approached by our contact, a gnome named Chessny Longhill.
We were given the responsibility to safely transport, or escort if you will, a noble dwarf all the way to The Singing Squirrel in Ty’sai.

The future of our group looks grim, and I honestly believe I’ll be better off on my own.
I just hope that at least tonights dreams will be more pleasant than the journey I imagine ahead.

Day 2:

I woke up to a huge commotion downstairs. The dwarves downstairs were chanting and yelling, moreso than usual.

As I peeked out the door, I could clearly hear the name Copper being chanted over and over,
and the man himself encouraging the praise. I have to admit though, he is entitled to all the recognition,
but I have a fear that his showmanship won’t pay off as well in a more dangerous situation.

We waited for quite some time, in which I efficiantly used our downtime to carve out a rather impressive portrait,
if I may say so myself, into both of turtle dwarf’s shields, without him taking notice.

After a while, on the road further down, a wagon appeared, coming towards us.
I spotted two dwarves, one armored with his arm in a sling, the other well-dressed and proud-looking.
This had to be our assignment. After presenting ourselves, and miraculously not compromising the mission
and breaking the deal, we set off towards the great city.

I was actually starting to get my hopes up after the first couple of hours of riding.
We were afterall traveling down the main road, and trouble tends to stay off it, for the most part.
But that hope was soon to be shattered. As I kept lookout on the back of the cart, I spotted a giant flying being.
At first I thought of the tales I’ve read about the half-human half-bird creatures called harpies,
but it turned out to be a pure-breed eagle. A big one. In fact, it’s the biggest living eagle I’ve ever seen.

I motioned to the currently absent-minded Copper to get his bow on the ready, as I noticed
the creature got closer and closer. We all ended up on the roof of the cart, and as it came to a stop,
the eagle swooped down towards us. The magician, never quite caught his name, raised his hands and in a flash,
three purple bolts of pure energy burst out towards the eagle, hitting it hard enough to send it on a crash-course straight towards us.
Before I could even think to react, Copper jumped up towards it, caught it mid-air and sent it flying off to the side of the cart,
but it managed to get a grip and claw it’s way back up. I gave it a proper whack over the head before the turtle dwarf
drove his shield into it’s beak and cracked it’s jaw open, sending it limp to the ground.
He even went as far as to jump down and completely disintegrate it’s head, then started picking up the broken pieces of the beak.
This made me feel safer and very worried, both at the same time.
We traveled forward.

The environment changed from open plains to dense forest like we just passed an invisible line.
It was getting darker, and we figured it would be wise to set up camp for the night.
Turtle dwarf made the first rounds on guard, and poked me to take over his shift. I am now currently sitting here,
on top of the cart, wondering what the future brings with this odd ensemble of people.
I see a small fire in the distance, but my time on duty is almost up and Copper is to relieve me, so it’s essentially not my problem.
Besides, it’s probably nothing to worry about. The forest is full of nature happy adventurers and whatnot. I’ll go ahead and end my shift.
And this day.

(hastily written)
Copper made a run out into the woods shortly after I laid down. I’m going to follow him, this might be my last entry… Joking aside, I’m curious to see what he’s up to. I’ll report back with my findings.

Reading my last entry makes me realize I wasn’t too far from the truth about it being my last one.
I followed Copper through the forest, tracing him from a distance, unseen. We approached a camp consisting of a giant bonfire
and two tents on the other side. I circled around the camp, still at a distance, to try and see if the light from the bonfire
would cast a shadow on the canvas of the back of the tent. It seemed to be completely empty, and Copper concluded my speculations
as he walked up to them and checked them both. His eyes suddenly started to flicker, a maddening look on his face as his gaze
darted around the treetops. He turned on his heel and hustled full-speed towards the camp.

In the meanwhile, I killed a dragon, three giants and the leader of an underground crime scene.
At least that’s what this book says. Sometimes the stories are better than the actual events. Let’s just leave it at that.

I returned to the camp later, only to find it overrun by bandits. I immediately ran to the rescure,
heroically killing of the first bad guy I saw. I ran towards the next, only to nearly get hit by a sudden beam of frost
sent out from our very own elf magician. At this point I was really starting to question his usefulness to the group.
But with no time to dwell upon it, I put an end to the other bandits. I might’ve been assisted in the extermination,
but in the heat of the battle and oh, so vividly still in my mind, I danced from one side of the camp to the other,
elegantly chopping heads and dodging arrows as I went.

The dust settled, and in all the commotion we came to realize the noble had been badly hurt, laying lifeless on the ground,
and the guard was laying limp on the front of the cart. We quickly came to the conclusion that we’d best keep moving,
so I carried the noble inside and Copper took the rains and set off.
I’m currently in the cart with a bunch of people I don’t trust, one of them not showing signs of life.
Oh well, I didn’t really need to sleep tonight anyways.

Night 2:

I must have drifted off, as I abruptly shook awake by the sudden motion of the cart stopping. I immediately sensed danger,
grabbed my sword and rushed out. The first thing to meet my eye was the magic elf all wrapped up in a thick white substance.
I turned immediately to get back into safety, but as I turned I saw a dark shadow hanging over the doorway of the cart.
That was also the last thing I saw before everything turned blurry, and I too was encased in what I now recognized as a spider’s web.
I saw the shadow grow larger over me, and two giant fangs, dripping with venom slowly started digging their ways into the web.

Then out of nowhere, Copper dropped down on top of it, knocking it down and then kicked it several feet away.
I managed to rip myself out off the web, and just as I was about to kill the spider with my angry look, it darted off into the dark woods.
Coincidentally, the mage simultaneously cast a spell of light, but I’m sure it only enhanced my face of danger more clearly.
I too would bolt off if I faced myself in battle.

I decided to do a little scouting on my own, make sure it wouldn’t gather the courage, or any of it’s friends, to pester us any more.
After a short while, I heard what I identified as several thin limbs rattling through the leaves further into the forest,
and reported back to camp about my findings. I barely got to finish my sentence, as a sudden yell echoed through the trees.
We all immediately ran towards it. This time I wouldn’t let it escape.

My senses served me well, for it was indeed the giant spider I had heard.
Accompanied this time, by a small humanoid figure all wrapped up and ready to be devoured. We ran to the humanoid’s immediate assistance,
cutting it free, and with a torch in one hand and a sword in the other I leaped towards the spider, yelling and slashing the flame in front of me.
I managed to get a couple of good hits in with my sword aswell, before sensing eyes in the back of my neck.

It was Copper, with a cloth-covered arrow readily knocked.
Our eyes locked, and for a split second there was an almost telepathical understanding of what was about to go down.
I immediately crouched down under an incoming spider fang, thereafter lifting my torch up above my head as Copper’s arrow came flying through it,
setting it alight as it blazed just past the spider.

It however managed to set the spider’s nest ablaze, giving us several openings to attack, as it skittered away from the flames.
Again, our eyes locked and withing a split second we both started running towards the spider.
The turtle dwarf just so happened to run by, and I dragged him with me and threw him forward,
following up with a quick kick to the back of his knee, making him hunch down, leaning on his shields.

Copper now charging towards the spider, he kicked it forcefully into the dwarf whose shields acted as a ramp.
I turned and followed the now airborne spider with my eyes, running below it with my sword pointing up towards it
and as it lands straight down onto my sword, a thick burly wooden staff comes whispering through the air,
completely impaling the spider whose limbs fall lifelessly down. I look up only to face a small man,
who I was later told is a halfling. Before I got to say anything, I heard a loud squishy sound behind me, and as I turned to look,
turtle dwarf had his shield dug deep into the spider’s head.
Shortly thereafter it rolled down into the flames where it gave up what I could only describe as a crackling and wheezing sigh of relief.

On the way back I learnt that the halfling’s name was Tyrone, but that’s about all I got from him at that point,
for as we returned, the door of the cart was bust open, and a large unknown man was standing in the opening, facing away from us.

Well aware of the fact that we weren’t done fighting, we made short work of the two bandits
that had felt a little too much at home in our camp. At that point we came to realize the noble was gone. As was the magic elf!
Looking for fresh tracks only got us so far, but our new ally somehow managed to bargain with an owl, and.. No, this part of the story is actually true!
We followed the owl for a bit, but the guard insisted on returning back to the cart. With our contract out in the wilderness? I absolutely don’t think so.
Besides, what better way to put our new friend’s trust and capabilities to the test?

After a pretty discerning walk through the forest, blindly following a very, very hungry and greedy owl, we eventually came upon the elven mage carrying our noble target,
and two henchmen. They noticed some of us, but I managed to slip into the shadow and circle around them.
The mage was dragging the noble away, and I decided to follow, telling our halfling friend to stay and help turtle dwarf.
Copper went back to camp to protect a horse. It’s name is Close.

Following the mage for a while, I hear rapid footsteps behind me in the distance. One of the henchmen came dashing through the forest,
and I went in to intercept his course, tripping him and holding him down to the ground.
Now, from what I remember from this point, the dragon that I had slaid earlier returned for revenge, and as I heroically killed it again,
I felt tired and decided to take a really quick nap.

I woke up to the shocking sensation of a sturdy dwarven hand colliding with my face.
Looking around, the halfling carried the dead body of the traitorous mage, our dwarven assignment looked eager to get back to camp
and turtle dwarf looked quite enfeebled, yet still walked over to the mage and drove his shield through his neck, decapitating him.
I decided to take the head with me, in case there was any bounty for the kill.

On the way back, I got wind of the recent fight,
the owl had allegedly single handedly killed off the mage, and had been promised a week’s supply of mice.
I thought this to be fair.
We named it Hoot.

We got back to the camp, recognizing a snoring Bottle and the horse.
The cart was closed, but Bottle soon woke up and uttered a single word in the form of a password.

The group was finally whole again, and I proudly presented my trophy, the head of our previous party member.
We decided to take his share of the would-be reward for the escortation.

Suddenly, Copper fell to the ground, and a short squeek could be heard from under the cart. I looked down, but he’s wasn’t there!
Shortly thereafter he crawled out from under the cart with a mouse in his mouth.
I’m starting to really like this fella.

As I’m currently writing this, we’ve been traveling for quite some time. There’s also this servant girl with us.
She’s with the noble, I believe. There’s something about her. Something very enigmatic.
Copper just asked us to check out a tavern. Nothing can be worse than what we’ve already faced. Can it?

A series of unfortunate events...
Session 14 as told by Ellaria

After a rather odd morning, with Kerin freaking out by even just the thought of anything holy (including my presence), running off while no one was looking, being attacked by Gunnhild in bear form and yelled at by Rinée, only to become what Rinée referred to as normal, we headed towards town to meet up with Gunnhild’s contact. We were hoping to get some more information about the assignment we were supposed to take on, but what Gunnhild had said about bringing her to the red orcs turned out to be a very accurate description. To aid us, the guy who gave us the assignment (I think his name might have been Bottle or something similar), forced a girl named Ivorellia to join us. She didn’t seem happy about it, and complained quite a lot.

We headed out of town, hoping to find traces or clues about these red orcs, but the people we talked to couldn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know. Red orcs, attacks, this direction ect. Until we met a guy who mentioned a specific farm, that is. Ivorelia basically jumped him, forced him to draw her a map and then proceeded to tell us that she could teleprompt us there in an instant. Or telepart, telepin.. She could get us there. None of us had ever heard about anything like it, but we went along with the madness for some reason.

Now, here’s the insane part. She did a thing, and suddenly, we were at the farm! The teleprompting had worked! And I felt sick. It was really unpleasant. Sadly, I didn’t have much to recover, because suddenly, we were surrounded by these horned, red orcs. We defeated them, but it was a close call. Gorbat looked really bad, and Ivorelia was knocked out by the time it ended. So was I, actually.

We looked around, salvaging what we could and buried the bodies of the former inhabitants of the farm. I got a closer look at the orcs, and they were completely different from the orcs we had seen on the pirate ship earlier. The horns looked freshly grown, and they had these marks on them. Something seems to be very wrong somewhere.

From there, everything seemed to go wrong. We rested, and when we came to, Kerin had snapped completely. I mean, Gunnhild had to hold him down, while Ivorelia dominated him and I got a closer look at him. It seemed to be a curse of some kind, but one way beyond my healing capabilities. It was clear that we had to seek help. We decided to teleport to Ivorelia’s home in Galinndán and seek help there.

We landed in what seemed to be a garden temple, in the middle of what I can only guess to be a meditating circle. Like most of us, they had never heard of teleportation either, so they were quite dumbfounded when we appeared out of thin air. We did manage to convey our need for help, though, so we were brought to some kind of stone altar, where the elves tried to heal the now bound and frantic halfling.

But it didn’t work. It was as if all healing backfired, and the healers were wounded while trying to help, and Kerin seemed to go madder by the second. In the end, he got loose, gave a speech about how this world would fall and be his and carved a hole in the air with one of his knives. It was horrible, and even though we tried to fight him, harm him, even dominate him, nothing seemed to really affect him. We couldn’t stop him from walking through the hole, and were left dumbfounded, scared and utterly, utterly sad. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do now…

Our story so far.
13 sessions as told by Gorbat

I arrived in Ty’sai only to be admired by a bunch of wise men and receive money for it. With me, I had my good friend Ferina, a druid. Nomads at heart, the city seemed like an odd place to us, with so many people crammed into so little space all the time. Needless to stay, we weren’t intending to stay there any longer than we had to. But then we met Kerin, a tiny halfling who wanted us to help him redistribute wealth. He said it would be difficult, so how could we say no?

It turned out to be very challenging, and more dangerous than any of us thought. The plan was to collect gold, food and goods at a sacred ground he called «The Temple of Light» and give it to those in need, keeping a small portion to ourselves. We were supposed to do this at night, and it was supposed to be straight forward. It wasn’t.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We decided to check the place out first, and even though we didn’t really get anything out of observing it, we did get something out of wandering the stinking streets of the city. We got in a few fights! One day, we battled a pack of outlaws and ended up rescuing a magician named Ander. Another day, we fought some hooded figures who had attacked city guards. Also, I got to send a very strong message of discontent to a shopkeep who flirted too much with Ferina.

Now, a few days after meeting Kerin, it was time to collect the goods. The place was heavily guarded, and when we got in, Ferina was discovered and thrown out. While shaking Kerin out for a key to follow her, we too were discovered. Unlike Ferina, who had just been thrown out of the temple, we were thrown in a cell. Of course, Ferina, being herself, didn’t go home, but fought her way back to us, killing a priest and allying herself with a warrior in the process. After a quick scuffle with some guards, we returned to The Drunken Serpent, a tavern owned by a dwarf named Hutur, where we spent our nights.

Quentin, the man who had helped Ferina free us, said something was wrong with the church, that it had become corrupted. Somehow, this meant we had to venture down under the city to find clues in the catacombs. During our two trips down, we fought arisen dead creatures and more of the hooded men like those who had attacked the city guards. Something seemed to be wrong indeed, as dead creatures tend to stay dead where I come from, and even the thought of waking them is repulsive to me. We also fought blue monster men who appeared out of a tear in the air. However, we did survive them, and those who went against law of nature by rising the dead did not. And according to Quentin, we found valuable information.

After dealing with some of the consequences from our adventures under the city, we needed a few days to prepare before entering the Temple of Light again. Ferina needed to be uncursed for one, and we needed to sell some of the stuff we had found down there as well. Also, I became a champion of the Pit when I defeated someone called the Scull, I enjoyed that immensely. Then, it was time for action.

Joined by a friend of Quentin, Dorn, we ventured through the cells Kerin and I had been held in earlier, and further down under the temple. We had to fight our way down, while watching out for traps at the same time. In one of the chambers we entered, we found Bor, another friend of Quentin tied down and injured. Ferina, being Ferina, also freed a winged creature who seemed to be held captive by means of magic, but I’m not sure that was a good idea. In fact, it may have been a really bad idea, as it attacked us on its way out.

Eventually, we found ourselves in a cavern far under the surface. There, we fought what seemed to be an endless battle against more monster men, somewhat alike to those we had fought in the catacombs. As before, they appeared from a tear in the air, but this time, they kept coming. Along with Quentin, Dorn, Bor, Kerin and Ferina, I fought with all my might. The monsters came in waves, with mere seconds of peace in between. In the last of these pauses, Quentin sacrificed himself to close the tear. I’m not quite sure how he did it, but in the end, he was gone and the waves of monsters ended. We were able to make our way back up to the surface and to our room at the tavern without any trouble, but we were all shaken. For me, the hardest part was dealing with the lack of a body, and no way to perform my peoples rituals of death.

The next day we woke up to find a unfamiliar tiefling watching us. She introduced herself as Rinée, and asked for our help in reclaiming something from a bad man, as she said. Somewhat hesitant, we all agreed. And with Kerin and Rinée leading us, we scouted out the house and tried to enter. Again, we had to fight our way in, nearly dying in the process because of a few failed attacks, but we somehow managed to find what the tiefling was looking for, collect it, and burn the house on our way out.

Because of our not very stealthy retrieval of whatever, we needed to get out of the city. As it happened, Hutur also wanted to leave Ty’sai, and hired us to protect him on his journey to Steintrall. We happily accepted the job, and after two weeks of preparations (and when I say preparations, I mean that I spent a week hunting and another to get a new armor made), we left by ship. Our party was not unchanged, however. Ferina, who took Quentin’s death very hard, decided to leave in order to reconnect with nature and find herself again. In her place, we were joined by two women, Ellaria and Gunnhild.

The voyage from Ty’sai was uneventful, apart from a small fight with some orcs and then a sea monster, a turn cloak gnome who didn’t seem to know who he was or what he was doing and a crew that went missing.

No, wait. Gunnhild and I fished for sharks. That was great fun.

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