Welcome to The Central Kingdoms

The Central Kingdoms consists of mainly three great nations; Tatéra, Steintrall and Filthus. Each kingdom with its own borders, taxes and political system. There are also small realms within the geographical area; Druidic Forest, Galinndán and Vharia.

There are also rumours of other realms to the East and West. The elves of Alfheim tell tales of tribes of giants and barbarians, evil empires and monstrous Fey creatures. A drunk dwarf from Steintrall might also tell you about mysterious monastic orders dedicated to the study of martial arts, as well as enigmatic red-clad mercenaries, all hailing from the Wastelands of the West.

But whatever happens outside of the mapped world, there is something stirring in the Central Kingdoms themselves. And ancient evil is on the move, and in the wake of its fiery path, the realm is twisted and torn by its enigmatic motives and methods.

In the map section you can see a map of the areas. In the character list, you’ll find… a list of notable characters from the Realms of known and unknown. The scholars of Tatéra have even started gathering all knowledge known to the realms of mortals, and in the Wiki section, you might catch a peek of their accumulated lore of the world.